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Finger Puppets Patterns & Instructions for Kids

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Finger Puppet Patterns

A fun way to use your IMAGINATION!

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Most will require Felt (or fabric) for the main body part. Felt for the paws, ears, belly... etc. It would be a good idea to have pieces of scrap felt colors on hand for those extra cut outs.

Pieces of scrap yarns, for hair and manes. Embroidery thread for ties for shoes and hair.

Hot Glue Gun... with the help of parents.
Paint or markers. You can paint on the eyes... or use google eyes.

Look at the pattern to see what you might want to use for each.

Stitch the base of the puppet... if you want, you can fold inside out. I leave mine with stitches showing, I do not fold it inside out (or is that called inside right? smile).


Download FingerPlay program for your computer playtime!
Download Create a Paper Finger Puppet


Step by Step Chinese Dragon Wiggly Finger Puppet


tStage.gif - 12082 Bytes
tPuppetStand.gif - 6536 Bytes
tPeople.gif - 10823 Bytes

tBeadHeads.gif - 12884 Bytes
tElephant.gif - 10172 Bytes
tChimp.gif - 10196 Bytes

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tBeadHeads.gif - 12884 Bytes


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tPaperPuppt.gif - 4046 Bytes


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