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Download Storymaker+
by Elson Embry
Updated October 1999

Click here to read, and print the VGA Storymaker+ Help File

Storymaker+ ... the program Loraine uses to create her DOS based storybooks... is now FREE from Elson Embry, author/programmer. This means... no registration or purchase fee.

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There are 4 parts to Storymaker+... the background drawing area, the cel animation area, the music area, and the story book area where you put everything together. You can add your own voice and sounds... and even your own midi tunes. You can import graphics (pcx) drawn in other graphic programs if you'd like too. See our How To Create a Story area for more information on this wonderful program!

Storymaker+ is a DOS program and may not run properly under Windows because of the way Windows control system resources.. To run it under Windows, try giving it as much control as possible.

Download the VGA version now. The latest version is Storymaker+ VGA 1.0e, [about 613k]. Hardware requirements 640K RAM, hard drive, VGA, mouse device. A Sound Blaster compatible sound card is required for all sound effects.

There is also a 16-color EGA version of Storymaker . This original Storymaker has less features than the VGA version and is more suitable for the use of younger children. Hardware requirements for the EGA version 512K RAM, hard drive, EGA, mouse device. Will work with the PC speaker but a Sound Blaster compatible sound card is recommended. Download Storymaker+ EGA 2.4 now [about 496k]

How to Register... for FREE. Make sure you read the storyreg.txt to understand how to install the registration number correctly for both or either the VGA [256 colors - about 613k] or EGA [16 color - about 496k] versions.

Click here to read, and print the VGA Storymaker+ Help File

Voicemaker, a freeware companion program to Storymaker is also available here for downloading. Voicemaker is a simple text-to-speech player with unlimited vocabulary that read text files using an internal voice. With an optional microphone, users can record the player's phonemes in their own voice. Hardware requirements 512k RAM, EGA monitor, Sound Blaster compatible sound card. And a microphone is required to record the phonemes sound. Download Voicemaker now [about 132k].



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