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Note from MY Mommy Stationery
Build a Kid Personalized Stationery

Stationery you can Print
Your Family and Friends will enjoy your letters!

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Animal Stationery

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Bird Stationery

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Butterfly Stationery

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Fall Harvest Stationery

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Flower Stationery

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Fun Stuff Stationery

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Holiday Stationery

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Scenery Stationery

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Dinosaur Stationery

Personalized Cartoon Stationery
and Greeting Cards to Print & Download

Stationery Two - Long "OnTheSide" Version

Stationery requires a JavaScript capable browser. When you visit the page with the stationery... a little screen will pop up. Type in your name, or the name you wish to appear on the stationery.

To Print your stationery... click on FILE (usually located in the upper left corner of your computer's screen) then select PRINT. When you have finished printing, click on your BACK button.

Q: When I print the stationery, it's got all these extra things on it. How can I get rid of them?

A: The headers and footers can be removed. Click on FILE, click on PAGE SETUP (or print setup, name may be different for some computers/printers... it will be located near PRINT) when the screen pops up... you will see an area for HEADERS and FOOTERS... remove the checks from the lil' boxes. This will remove those things from your stationery when you print.


PC Programs
Note from MY Mommy Stationery
Build a Kid Personalized Stationery




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