Teddy Bear Walnut Ornament


    1 medium sized pom pom
    4 small sized pom poms
    3 black seed beads (or you can use googly eyes instead)
    1 thin ribbon (about 4 inches long)
    1 piece of cloth (3 inches x 3 inches)
    1 cotton ball
    tacky white glue or hot glue

    Gather all of your pom poms together. For the walnut... I buy the walnuts in the store, then carefully open them so that half of the shell is in perfect condition.

    Put a little bit of glue on the rounded end of the walnut shell (I use the pointed end for the bottom of the ornament, where his lil' toes would be.) If using a hot glue gun... make sure you have grown ups to help you... the glue does become VERY HOT! If using the white tacky glue... press the ribbon onto the nut with your fingers.

    Cut the corners off of the edges of your little piece of cloth... it makes for a better fit when you add the cloth to the nut shell.

    Place the cotton ball into the walnut shell. Add glue to the inside edge of your walnut, and tuck the edges of the cloth into the walnut shell.

    Cut a little round circle from the felt (small enough to fit as the muzzle of the bear. It should fit onto the medium sized pom pom).

    Glue the piece of felt onto the larger pom pom. Next glue on the ears. If using tacky glue, you should let this set up for a bit so it will stay together. Once dry, then you can add the eyes and nose (the seed beads, or the googly eyes).

    Glue the head onto the walnut shell... the head of the bear should be placed by the ribbon end of your ornament. Next glue on the 2 little paws. You can add the glue to the cloth and to the head of the bear to give it good support. If you are using the tacky glue... remember to let the glue set up (allowing plenty of time for it to dry between steps so that your ornament stays together).

    There you have it... a Cute lil' Teddy Bear sleeping in a walnut shell!

    You can also use this same idea to create "mice" too!