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Make it Special

Items you will need:
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    Copy of Certificate
    Construction Paper
    Ribbon, Stickers (optional)

Lil' ones will need help with this project. Scissors are very sharp, and should be handled with great care.

Print a copy of one of the certificate. Instructions for printing will be found at the bottom of each certificate. Cut where you see the dotted line.
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Lay the certificate on one side of the piece of construction paper. Glue the edges to hold the certificate in place. Try to add just enough glue to hold certificate in place, adding too much glue may cause your paper to wrinkle.
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Once the glue is dry, find the center of the construction paper... and fold in half.
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Fold the construction paper over... this will now look similar to a card. Once folded over, place the card on a flat service ... using your thumb (or fingers) press down along the fold.
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The person you are giving the award to will be able to fold back the certificate making it self standing.
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OPTIONAL: You can tie a piece of ribbon, or yarn around the certificate... and/or even add stickers for that Special Touch from YOU!
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