In Loving Memory
Robert W. Wauer
Oct. 19, 1949 - Mar. 7, 1997

Look who came into
our lives Thanksgiving day!
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Zyia... Loraine's Granddaughter!

  I'd like you to meet Loraine... she's the one who created me! I came into her home a couple of years ago. Jumped right off of her drawing tablet and into her computer. She's been my friend ever since... and I really like her a lot! She's the one that keeps me walking, running, jumping and all that other fun stuff! It's great being Billy Bear! Just do me a favor, if you see her with an eraser, or ready to hit the delete key, stop her okay. She's dangerous with the delete key!

On the right, there is a picture of Loraine and her husband Robert. They were married May 26, 1978, on Loraine's Grandfather's birthday. On the left is a picture of Jason & Sonja. The picture was taken at Jason's wedding. Up until now, we could never seem to get a photo of Jason. He would always run and hide, or do something silly to ruin the photo... like picking his nose!

On March 7, 1997 Robert died from Colon Cancer. The cancer was found in the late stages in January 1996. Part of the colon was removed, and Robert went through chemotherapy at St. Josephs Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. Neither of them gave up hope and continued to plan their lives together! In January 1997 Robert said that he felt he may have the flu, instead we found out that the cancer had now gone into his liver. You can find more information on Colon Cancer on the internet. Please... remember that yearly physicals are important. ...ask your doctor for a "complete" physical. Robert went faithfully every year for a "general" physical. Too many times colon cancer is not found until it is too late, if found in the early stages, a life can be saved.

Here is a photo of Jason and Joyce at their wedding on November 22, 1997 (to the right). The wedding was beautiful! Joyce's sister was the maid-of-honor and Sonja was one of the bridesmaids. They all looked so pretty! ...and the guys were handsome!

Joe and Sonja were married (pictured on the left) on August 7, 1998! Joe has 3 children... isn't that wonderful!!! Now Loraine is a Grandma... something she has wanted for a long long long time! Yes... she has a big smile on her face!!!!

August 2002... we found out that Joe has cancer. He is in the 4th stage.

Loraine and Roger decided that they liked each other... so they got married. They both enjoy taking photos and spend lots of time traveling to zoos to take pictures of the animals to put on the internet for you to enjoy on your computer. This is Jaegar (photo to the right - below), he is Roger's and Loraine's grandson (YES... that means... Loraine now has MORE grandchildren! Roger's daughter, Jen has 2 children... Jaegar and Jaely... with more grandchildren Loraine is smiling really big!!!). This photo was taken at the Toledo Zoo while watching the hippos.

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This is how Roger and Loraine met... Roger's wife, Gail, died in October '97. He decided to post his bio on Match.Com through their trial membership. One day Loraine decided to check out Match.Com and she read what Roger had to say ... she wrote him an email letter through Match.Com's safe email setup. Through email letters, their friendship grew! Then Loraine finally got brave enough and they met in a safe place. NEVER meet someone for the first time alone! ...always remember Internet Safety!

Family is important to Loraine! ...very important! Loraine's Father died shortly after surgery in 1981. In July of 1991 Loraine's 24 year old brother was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking home. (Since then Loraine has worked with MADD to support victims of drunk driving crashes.) January 1995 Loraine's Mother died, we say from a broken heart. The trial for her brother's killer finally ended in May 1995, a plea bargain was made (OUIL 1st offence), and the man served the maximum sentence of 3 months. The picture here is of Loraine's sister's family. Teri, her husband Ray, and Teri's 3 children, Mathew, Theresa and Alex!

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The Family photo on the left is of Teri's family taken Christmas 1999... including Ray's daughter, her 3 children!

After meeting my family... can you tell me... what color is a smile? Smiles come in all colors, shapes and sizes!

In 1994 Loraine was given the Distinguished Volunteer Award for outstanding contributions to the well-being of youth in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties, for her work with Drug Free Schools. In 1995 Loraine won the Shareware Industry Award for my storybooks, and an Award for Volunteer Victim Advocate of the Year from MADD Michigan.

One of the best stories came when a lil' girl from Germany came as an exchange student to live with Loraine's family in 1995... because she brought her family the best gift ever... the night Conny arrived, she gave Loraine a little tiny piece of paper... on that paper were the names of her Germany Family!!! It had been over 50 years since anyone had heard from the family who were from Gera, Germany (former East Germany)... and it just so happened that Conny was best friends with Jana (a Grand-daughter of Loraine's Cousin!) In 1996, in Germany, the Hoerig (Hörig-German spelling) Family met for the very first time!

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Our newest family members... we decided to show Cocker Spaniels. They are a delight! Each having their own personality. Hobbs has been in the ring more than Snug... but soon that is to change... both will be able to be shown now that Roger is laid off from his job.

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Hobbs (left) is a National Champion. I am not able to show Hobbs in the ring due to my health... Kimber shows Hobbs for me. I do work with Hobbs... brushing and grooming and training. This gives me great excersice.

Snug (center) ... showing off his beautiful face!

A long drive to Nova Scotia ... we found Becka (right) ... now at 8 weeks old (August 2002) she is sure to be a charmer!