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to send to your friends

Mulitmedia eCards for your PC computers.
Average File Size about 750KB
FREE for Billy Bear's visitors
Business Information Click Here

KID's NOTE: Do not download anything from the internet without first asking your parents.

t-BirthdayBear.gif - 19421 Bytes
Birthday Bear

t-MouseyBubbles.gif - 17709 Bytes
Happy Day!

t-Santa.gif - 15955 Bytes
Merry Christmas

Put the eCards on a floppy disk... and mail them to your friends... or... if your friends have FAST connections... send them via email. Your friends will enjoy the animation, sounds, midi tunes and more... all free from Billy Bear!

Instructions: Download the exe file... once downloaded... run the exe file to view the eCard. Save the file to a floppy disk to send to your friends... they can run and view the eCards from the floppy!

License to Use: You may send these eCards to your friends... you may mail them... but may not distribute them on your web page... the are for Billy Bear's visitors only. The copyright remains with and may not be distributed by other companies in any media. A review of our eCards... with a link back to this site for download is welcome.

Business Editons are available with your company name... and a clickable link to your internet web site. You may post them on your website for download to sell... or to offer for free to create more traffic to your site. One time license fee $19.95 per card - per url.

More eCards will be added.


Sorry... Business Editions are not available at this time. Due to family obligations, programs that have to be personalized individually are not being created at this time. We are not sure when these will be offered again.



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