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These silly Desktop Critter Cards sit on top of your computer's desktop... move them around with your mouse. Click on the Critter to activate... then click on them again to move them around your desktop. Click on their hotspots for animations and sounds. The BB signiture is a HotLink to


Shown here thumbnail sized... full sized when exe file is opened.


Animated Desktop Dragon Critter Cards

t-Love.gif - 6195 Bytes
I Love You

t-Friend.gif - 6463 Bytes
Friends 4 Ever!

t-Thanks.gif - 6347 Bytes
Thank You!


Animated Desktop Mouse Critter Cards

t-MouseFriend.gif - 7702 Bytes

t-MouseHello.gif - 6952 Bytes

t-MouseSmile.gif - 6971 Bytes


Animated Desktop Angel Bear Critter Cards

t-AngelBest.gif - 7150 Bytes

t-AngelFriend.gif - 6516 Bytes

t-AngelThink.gif - 7418 Bytes


Each Download is about 650-750KB ... small enough to put on a floppy disk and give to a friend. You can even mail them to your friends... what special gifts they'd make!
Registration Fee: FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors


Check out our PuterPals... Desktop Critters!


Once downloaded... run the exe file to play with the Desktop Critter Cards... when you are done... click on the ESC button on your keyboard. To remove the program from your computer... just delete the exe file.

License to Use: You may use this free program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form other than your personal friends and family members as a card. A review of our program, with a link back to our site for download is welcome. Downloading from another site, newsgroup or CD is not permitted.


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