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PaperDoll Design Studio - create your personalized paper dolls ColorBook & Drawing Program

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Billy Bear's
PaperDoll Design Studio
Coloring & Drawing

PC Windows Program
Download Demo Version: DEMOPaperDollDesignStudio.exe

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Design Studio... create your very own paperdoll!

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Grab one of the painting tools from the sewing basket
and lets start drawing!

You'll find that the basket is filled with painting tools that you can use to color your paperdoll and her outfits. Pick your tool to draw a masterpiece artwork! There are several to pick from... draw crayon, box of crayons, stamper, paint with stamps brush, fill tool, spray paint... you can even add text. You can set the sizes on the draw crayon, box of crayons and spray paint tools.

You can select several outfits (over 100 to pick from) that we've included... or select to draw your own paperdoll works! You can even pick stamps to stamp on your paperdoll clothes. On the bkgd pages, you'll find several outfits on one page. On the colorpg are individual items. The stamps arre collars, bows, button and other items to use to decorate your paper doll outfits.

itemsSample.gif - 43290 Bytes

midiplayer.gif - 6654 Bytes You can use the paperdolls from Billy Bear's paperdoll area! If you want to color MORE PaperDolls... do a search for paperdolls on the internet... open them in Billy Bear's Design Studio program and paint for unlimited fun! You can even draw your own paperdolls... save them... and color them over and over again in this program. You can even share your colorbook pages with your brothers, sisters... cousins... and friends by printing them out.

Play MIDI tunes while you draw. Find MIDI tunes on the internet and play them using MIDI Teddy Bear. Put the MIDI tunes in your Colorbook Folder/Directory making them easy to find. Here is a link to original artist... Don Carroll's MIDI Riff Bulge that allows you to listen to his music. With his permission we use one of his MIDI tunes on our main page... The Chicken Dance!

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A few simple steps and you've got your own paper doll... and her outfits. Fill in the color... use the stamps to add buttons, bows... and other items. Let your imagination go and enjoy being creative. Once you've made your paper doll... you can save her... and/or print her for hours more paperdoll playtime.


Billy Bear's PaperDoll Colorbook & Drawing Program
PC Windows Program

Price: $19.95

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PaperDoll Set 2
Order Now...
This set comes with the PaperDoll Design Studio Program
PaperDollSet2.gif - 30986 Bytes

Now... 16 PaperDolls plus 63 outfits! Halloween outfits too! This set is included in the ColorBook Program. Also included... SchoolGirl Dolls & clothes, Kids to Color, a Baby & clothes, and furniture pieces to color.



PaperDoll Set 3
Set3Sample.gif - 50199 Bytes

Set 3 PaperDoll can be used in the PaperDoll Design Studio... or print to color with your crayons, colored pencils... markers... etc. This cute doll comes colored... or use the line drawn dolly to color your own. There is 62 outfits and a handfull of items for your paper doll to play with... even a cute horse with blankets!

PaperDoll Set 3
Price: $7.95

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the computer crayons in this program and create your very own 
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