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Jigsaw Puzzle in NeoBook

Take a digital picture/photo 500x375... larger 30 pc puzzle.
315x235... 9 pc puzzle.


Conversation with Troy in the Chat Room on the NeoBoard

Troy uses PhotoShop... during a chat... this is how he told me he creates puzzle pieces.

[Troy] You open the mask...
[Rainie] ok
[Troy] Add a layer (of the photo you are using)
[Troy] get the magic wand... select the area you
want in the puzzle (the piece)
[Troy] while that selection is still highlighted
[Troy] select the photo
[Troy] copy it, paste into (which creates a new layer
with just that puzzle piece
[Troy] and when you are done, crop each piece with
one click and save each piece..
[Troy] I'm thinking that you could even use a MACRO
to record the majority of the steps and not much
to do :)
[Rainie] k... sounds easy enough
[Troy] clean and crisp pieces... oh and have the
backgorund set (initially to transparent..)

Thank You for letting me post this Troy! :o)

Using Troy's suggestion... shown here using Paint Shop Pro
This is the process I use now.
Open9pcMask.gif - 42950 Bytes

Open the mask and the picture you want to use.


Select1stPc.gif - 43212 Bytes

Use the magic wand and click on the first piece on the mask/puzzle.


SelectImage-COPY.gif - 40048 Bytes

Select to COPY your picture.


PasteAsNewLayer.gif - 38080 Bytes

Paste your picture as a New Layer onto the mask/puzzle.


6PasteOnLayer.gif - 22091 Bytes

You will see that the puzzle piece is showing on the mask/puzzle.


7copy.gif - 30923 Bytes
Select COPY


8paste.gif - 32789 Bytes


9MakeaPc.gif - 17168 Bytes
You've made your first piece of the puzzle!


10undoPasteLayer.gif - 32332 Bytes
Undo your PASTE LAYER.


1GoToNextPc.gif - 33046 Bytes
Use the MAGIC WAND to select the next piece on the mask/puzzle.

Continue the directions until all the pieces of the puzzle are done.


12All9Pcs.gif - 36062 Bytes



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