Basic HTML tags that you can use for your Home Page.

We've put together a few basic HTML tags and samples to help you create your own home page (also called web page). Once you have created, and downloaded the HTML page that you create... look at it to see what the basic HTML looks like.

In this area of our site, we've put together a listing with RBG and HEX color tags that are safe to use on the internet... including color sample so you can see what the colors look like.

Create your own Home Page Online... using our Simple Home Page Generator!

This is a very basic Home Page that you will create here... but it is a Great way to begin learning about HTML! Give the Generator a try! We've even included a few animated clipart picture that you can use! If you'd like more pictures, with a little bit more advanced HTML codes, then visit our Generator II!

Generator HomePage | Generator HomePage II

HTML Editors to download...

There are many HTML editors out there on the Internet. Try one, and see if you like it! Many allow you to use their programs for 30 days to see if you like it... if you don't... try another one!

HotDog ...that's the one I use! Try it for 30 days!
Namo HTML Editor

There are other HTML editors... Microsoft Front Page, Notepad... ask a friend what they use.

HTML Helpers...

Help for those wanting to create Home Pages... For someone just starting out, you may not understand EVERYTHING. I know I didn't when I first began. I went crazy looking at all those "codes" ... I didn't think I would ever learn! These HTML helper pages are great resources for the beginner up to the advanced!

Introduction to HTML ...uses samples!
Cross ReferenceGives a Cross Reference to HTML 3.0, Netscape and Explorer.
Beginner's Guide to HTML ... learn what HTML codes are used for.

Web Servers who will give you FREE space for your Home Pages...

Cool!!! These WebServers have space for you and your Home Page... and it's FREE! What's even better is they have help with your Home Pages too! HTML help, graphics help and will even show you how to upload your page to their server once you've created a Home Page!

Geocities ...lots of great helper pages too!
Anglefire ...another great Server for your Home Page!

NOTE: These sites will place banner ads on your pages... you may wish instead to find a server at a low cost to put your web pages at. You should also make sure that you read their agreement BEFORE putting your home page on their server.

Graphics you can use on your Home Page...

Using Graphics from a ClipArt collection ... download the graphic to your hard drive. Then upload it to your own server...

never NEVER code your HTML to a person's graphics from their server. WHY??? Your page could take a very long time to load if you link this way ... the person you took the graphics from could remove the graphic, and then you are left with all those ugly "graphics missing" icons ... the person could get really upset and not only take the graphic off their server, but replace it with a not so nice graphic and your page would look REALLY bad!

Get Permission to use a graphic. How would you like to spend hours drawing a picture, put it on your webpage... then one day while you're surfing the net... "WHAM" there it is... your picture is on someone else's page! Not such a nice feeling!'s not nice to steal, not even on the internet!

If you use a person's graphics, add a note on your page telling who the graphic belongs to, and a link to where others can find these graphics to use on their Home Page. This is a very nice way to say THANK YOU!

Visit our Original Clipart pages!

Create Your Own Graphics to use on your Home Page...

Learn to Draw

Billy Bear's Learn to Draw Pages

Create Online

GIFWorks ...animation!
NetStudio ...make your own buttons, banners, & headings.
The Banner Generator ...create your banner Online
Media Builder ...Animated Banners & Button Maker
Java-less NET-FU Online, Automatic Logo Generation
Online Banner Creation Service
The Signboard Factory ... create it Online

Downloadable Programs for Graphics...

Paint Shop Pro ...this is what I use!
NeoPaint...shareware Graphics Editor to download
GIF Construction ...create your own animations

GIFOptimizer ...reduces the size of .gif and .jpg... including animations!

Misc. Home Page Stuff...

Once you've learned the Basics.. you may want to add to your pages. Here are a few of the items you may want to think about adding. ...and many of them are FREE!
LPAGE Guestbook
SPIN Guestbook
Aaddzz Web Counter
All Yours ...create your own Digital Cards Site!

Time to Upload to your Internet Server

These programs will help you upload your pages.

Cute FTP

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