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How to make a Snowman

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Building a Snowman

This is a snowman that my grandson made for our yard... it is beautiful!!!

Jr-snowman-SM.jpg - 8509 Bytes

    Materals Needed:

      Snow (a Yard full)
      Warm Clothes
      Rocks - for Eyes & Buttons
      Carrot - for the Nose
      2 Sticks - for Arms
      Old Hat
      Old Scarf

01.jpg - 5635 Bytes
Make a snowball.

02.jpg - 4457 Bytes
Roll the snowball in the snow... making it bigger...

02b.jpg - 5904 Bytes
...and bigger and bigger... until you get the size you want for the bottom section of the snowman.

03.jpg - 4228 Bytes
Pack the snow around the base of the snowman. Watch an MPG movie on packing.

04.jpg - 4534 Bytes
Pack the snow so it is nice and firm.

05.jpg - 5318 Bytes
Middle Section - Make another snowball... roll it in the snow on the ground... then place it on top of the bottom base.

06.jpg - 4796 Bytes
Pack snow on the middle section of the snowman.

07.jpg - 7988 Bytes
Head - Make a snowball... roll it in the snow on the ground... when it is big enough, place it on top of the middle section of the snowman.

08.jpg - 5015 Bytes
Arms - Push the sticks into the middle section.

09.jpg - 4390 Bytes
Press the stones into the snow.. middle section for his buttons.

09b.jpg - 5409 Bytes
Your snowman is really starting to look good!!!

10.jpg - 6192 Bytes
Put on his scarf... and hat.

11.jpg - 4748 Bytes
Eyes - Place two stones on his face for his eyes.

12.jpg - 4818 Bytes
Nose - Put a carrot in the middle for his nose.


What a beautiful Snowman! Jr did a GREAT job!

finished.jpg - 6500 Bytes

I think your snowmen will be beautiful too! Have fun... stay warm... and oh.....


warm.jpg - 7097 Bytes
A hot bowl of chili... and hot chocolate topped with whipped cream was waiting for Jr when he came in from the COLD! Yum!


Now... after looking over these instructions... what is missing???


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