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Make a Snowman Snowflake!
Most Snowflakes have 6 points... but this one has 8 points...
making it easier for little ones to fold the paper... plus they learn more about "shapes."

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Fold over one of the paper's edges... as shown here.
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The top area is extra paper that you do not need... cut that section off.
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Now... you have a square... a square has 4 equal sides.
4.jpg - 5688 Bytes
Fold your paper in half... making a rectangle.
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Then... in half again... making a small square.
6.jpg - 5915 Bytes
Fold your paper in half... making a ... triangle sort of shape... as shown here in this picture.
6b.jpg - 7704 Bytes
Some like to draw their pattern on before cutting ... some just like to cut. Whichever you like to do... it's okay... have fun! Snowman Snowflake Pattern
7.jpg - 7834 Bytes
Cut away all the stuff you want to make your snowflake pretty!
finished.jpg - 8369 Bytes
This is the snowman snowflake we came up with while cutting out our paper!

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