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Make a Snowman Snowflake!

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Fold over one of the paper's edges... as shown here.
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The top area is extra paper that you do not need... cut that section off. Now... you have a square... a square has 4 equal sides.
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Fold over making a triangle.
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Fold your paper in half... making a smaller triangle.
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This one is a little tricky... you take one of the sides, and fold it over... covering one third (1/3) of the area.
5.jpg - 5342 Bytes
Then fold over the other end, overlapping the side you just folded over.
6.jpg - 6107 Bytes
Cut off the two top pieces at the top (they are not needed). Cut out the shapes you like (you can draw them on first - check out the snowman pattern we made that you can use).
finished.jpg - 7801 Bytes
Open the snowflake... Viola... a cute snowman snowflake!

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