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How to make feeder for the Winter Birds.

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In colder climate areas... it becomes very hard for the birds to find enough food.
Here is one way you can help the birds by giving them special winter treats!

A great family project to work on together.
Teddy Bear (Cookie Cutter) Winter Bird Feeder

    Materials Needed:

    finished.jpg - 6361 Bytes

      Cookie Cutter
      Peanut Butter
      Knife (to spread Peanut Butter)
      Bird Seed
      Ribbon or Yarn

We've chosen a Teddy Bear cookie cutter for our Winter Bird Treats. You can use any shape you like... some like Star shapes... or circles.

Toast the bread just before making the feeders... let them cool.

1.jpg - 6234 Bytes
Clean a nice area on the table, or kitchen counter. Lay down a piece of bread... press the cookie cutter into the bread.

2.jpg - 6152 Bytes
When you've cut through the bread... remove the cookie cutter.

3.jpg - 4796 Bytes
Use the scissors to punch a hole in the cut out bread.

4.jpg - 5691 Bytes
Spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto the cut out bread.

5.jpg - 7697 Bytes
Put some bird seeds on a large dinner plate.

6.jpg - 7525 Bytes
Place the cut out bread (peanut butter side down) on the bird seeds.

7.jpg - 9182 Bytes
Press lightly so the seeds stick in the peanut butter.

finished-lg.jpg - 13736 Bytes

Put the yarn (or ribbon) in the hole of your cut out bread feeder. Hang from the trees outside for the birds to eat during the Winter!


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