Valentine's Teddy Bear Hugs Clock

Part One: Cut & Paste this script... this information goes
right under the HEAD in the HTML area of your webpage.

Part Two: Cut & Paste... this goes where you want the clock to be on your webpage.

Part 3: Download these images to your
computer's hard drive. Save the images, and the HTML page in the same
directory ...unless you really know how to code HTML, you can place the
images in their own directory. If you do this, you need to change the script
to locate the directory where they are being saved. EXAMPLE: images/g0.gif

If you would like to use this Valentine's Clock (or counter - see below) on
your WebPage... it is required that you DOWNLOAD this tag... and add
it to the page where the Valentine's Clock will be used on your website.

You can use them as your web counter too!
Servers where you can set up FREE accounts to use these counter graphics.
The Toolzone | BoingDragon | FreeCounter

Link it back to:

<a href="">
<IMG SRC="tag.gif" WIDTH=184 HEIGHT=62></a>

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Clock JavaScript Copyright 1999 Yotam Ater
Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus