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American Thanksgiving Puzzle


1. Who were the first settlers that celebrated Thanksgiving?
3. These are the people you eat Thanksgiving dinner with.
5. What is the most common main dish for Thanksgiving dinner?
8. Who did the pilgrims celebrate Thanksgiving with?
9. What big holiday is celebrated in November?
14. You watch this Thanksgiving morning on TV.


1. This pie is orange. [HINT: You see alot of them at Halloween.]
2. What can you find inside of a Thanksgiving turkey?
4. What is another word for "sweet potatoes?"
6. Dad's watch this game on TV after Thanksgiving dinner.
7. This food is red in color.
10. Who is the famous guy who appears at the end of the Thanksgiving parade?
11. What does a turkey say?
12. What animal loves to beg for some of your turkey dinner?
13. What do you do most of on Thanksgiving day?

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