Pilgrim Pilgrim Pony Beads
This is not a project for a lil' one. Parents you know your child better than anyone,
use your own good judgement when allowing younger children to work with smaller objects.


Bead Wire
Scissors (to cut the wire)
74 Black Pony Beads
7 Red Pony Beads
36 Pony Beads for the skin color
8 Yellow Pony Beads
1 Brown Pony Bead
8 Pink Pony Bead
Flat working surface

Cut one very long piece of wire. Fold your wire in half and loop it through the hook. Start with the top row of beads... look at the pattern below as you add your beads. Take the wire on the left side and string the beads onto the wire. Lay the beads flat, then take the wire on the right and string them through the beads as shown in the picture here to the left. Continue to do this until your Pilgrim is finished.

Pilgrim Pony Bead Pattern

Pilgrim Pattern


You may print a copy of this pattern for your own personal use.

Copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer-Ferus