Billy Bear ... Catch the Leprechaun Game

Tis' said on St.Patrick's Day... if you can catch the Leprechaun...
you will find a pot of gold! If you decide to play this game, you will be transported to the "magic" pond... the same pond where Billy Bear catches his frogs during the summer months!

This game requires either Java, which Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 2.0 or later support, or Netscape 3.0's Javascript.
The goal of the game is to find as many Gold Pieces as possible.
Avoid the sneaky Leprechauns, who will only try to trick you out of your points when you run into them. ...and do beware of the Lock Nest Monster... he can be real bad! Each one behaves differently. Patience is important. Remember, there's no time limit.
If you have a Magic 3 Leaf Clover, you can run over one bug or monster safely.
Magic 4 Leaf Clover are even more powerful than Magic 3 Leaf Clover.
Collect this Leprechaun for extra points.
To move, just click where you want to go. Move to the edge to scroll.

Catch the Leprechaun with Billy Bear


JavaScript created by Thomas Boutell
Graphics copyright © 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus