The Chametz Game
JavaApplet browser required to play this game.

At the start of Pesach (Passover) chametz (bread, cakes) are gathered and removed from the home. You can help us clean up our house and remove the 10 pieces of bread that are hidden in this game. You can either put them in the secret cupboard and let Mr. Mouse take care of them for you, or you can re-hide them so others playing with you can find the hidden pieces of bread.

Move you mouse cursor over the room to see if you can find the pieces of bread. Then when you see the bread, click on the object you want to move with your mouse, then hold your mouse button down until you reach the area where you want the object to be placed. This Applet works slow on Netscape.

Colors appear dithered on Netscape 3, look nice on Netscape 4. Game plays better and smoother on IE 3 or higher. Tested on PC, but not MAC

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