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Send an animated New Year's Card!

New Year's Desktop Wallpaper

To use this photo as your desktop wallpaper... click on the photo to take you to the larger picture. When the larger photo loads, click on it with your
"right" mouse button, and select to SET AS WALLPAPER!

Play the Online New Year's Jigsaw Puzzle

Download FREE Holiday Jigsaw Puzzles

Play Flash Jigsaw Puzzle Online!
New Year's Baby

New Year's Fireworks Show

Chinese New Year's Fireworks

New Year's WordSearch Puzzle

Jessie Bear's January Page

New Year's Resolution

Dictionary meaning... "setting Goals for the new year." We've put together a few suggestions to help you decide what goals you want to make for the new year... Play the Goal Making Game! JavaScript, requires Netscape 2.x or Explorer 3.0 to play.

Our Original New Year's Clipart

Print New Year's Stationery

Note 1 | Note 2 | Note 3

Click on FILE, then click on PRINT. To return to this page, click on your browser's back button.

Holiday Personalized Stationery! ...includes New Years!

A Note from "MY" Mommy Stationery
PC Program - Check it out!
Use them to write Thank You Notes... School Notes... or Holiday Notes

Make yourself a calendar!

Print & color these pages. Add the days of the week, then the daily numbers for each month. Once you have done that, take 2 pieces of colored construction paper, lay one piece of construction paper on the top, and one on the bottom of your stack of calendar pages. You can either put two staples on the top of the calendar, or use a hole punch and punch in two holes then tie off with ribbon or yarn to keep the pages together.

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

Stamps to Print & Cut Out for your calendars!


Make a Special Country Calendar... with instrutions
Great for New Years gifts for your Parents and/or Grandparents


Desktop Wallpaper Calendar Program
Make your own Desktop Wallpaper


Visit our FREE Weekly Wallpaper Page for a
Calendar you can print out!

Write a Tiny Title
New Year's Storybook

The saying for New Years is
" Out with the Old, and In with the New!"
Let's Party!

Print & ColorBook Pages

Play the New Years Baby Game!
JavaScript game, requires Netscape 2.x or Explorer 3.0 to play.

Answer the questions and Win Points! Paper and Pencil needed for this Game. Yeap, an "old fashion" game for you here, have to do the addition and subtraction yourself. Questions are from the American Calendar, unless otherwise stated on the question. We will add information from other Calendars around the world as soon as you send us the information!

Okay... Let's Play!

Special New Year's DeskTop Theme
Icons, Animated Cursor, WallPaper & Screen Saver

Y2K Tic Tac Toe
Play the Game

Online Color book for New Years!
JavaApplet browser Required

Alcohol-Free Drinks
Yummy, with a Zing of Flavor!

  • Kids... Don't ride with anyone whose been drinking! Don't ride with anyone who has been drinking, not even a friend or a family member.
  • If you babysit - don't accept a ride home from someone who has been drinking. Call your parents to come and pick you up.

Links to January Holidays


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