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Hum.... what can we do for Mom this year?!?

How about doing the Laundry? NO... not the "real" wash
the clothes laundry! Make Mom little LOVE notes, and
place them around the house... where she is sure to find them.

For this idea you will need...

    String, rope, or yarn (something to hang the clothes on)
    Clothes pins (if you don't have small clothes pins, tape works perfect!)
    Construction paper
    Note paper
    Scissors (little ones, you need an person to help you!)
    Shirt Pattern (or you can make your own)
Plan on where you want to hang this when you are finished... then cute the String as long as you need it to be. You should leave some extra string to use to hang your clothes line when you are done.

Next, cut out the clothes... the pretty bright colors are what we like to use! If you'd like to use our pattern, click here. Once you've printed out the pattern, cut around the edges. Place the pattern on the construction paper and use a pencil to trace around the pattern. Cut the shirt... you can make pants... and even socks if you want to! giggle!

Cut the note paper so that it will fit onto the shirt that you cut out. Write your special message on the note. Then glue the note on to the shirt. Okay... who just asked if I meant to glue the note on to THEIR shirt... silly willy... NO glue the note on to the shirt that you just cut out!

Once the glue is dry you can hang your laundry on the string. If you have clothes pins, just clip the clothes on the string. If you use tape... cut a piece of tape and tape the shirt to the string.

You can make extra notes... this one would be perfect to set on the wash machine... telling Mom NOT to work today!!!! Today is Mother's Day... her day off!!! Sometimes you have to remind Mom... that she is NOT to work on Mother's Day! A nice "Thank You" note would be great... it's nice when you remember to tell Mom thank you for everything she does for you all year long! Tape a "I Love You Mom" note inside the fridge! That will make her smile!


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus