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Candle Treats
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    Materials Needed:

      Empty Toilet Paper Roll
      Construction Paper (in the colors you want for your candles)
      Tissue Paper (yellow and orange)
      Tape (or glue)
      Treats (candy, little toys, crayons)


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Take your toilet paper roll and lay it down on your construction paper. Use a ruler to draw a line on the paper for the width of the paper roll as shown in the sample to your left. Use your scissors to cut along the line that you drew.

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Lay the Paper Roll down on the edge of the construction paper. Tape one of the ends of the construction paper to the Paper Roll, then carefully roll the Paper Roll until you get to the end of the construction paper.

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When the construction paper is all the way around the Paper Roll, put a piece of tape to hold the paper together. You can also glue the paper down instead of using tape. If you do this, put a rubber band around the Paper Roll, and allow time for this step to dry.

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Cut two squares of tissue... one of the yellow color and one of the orange tissue paper. I use a nice sized square here so my candle flame is nice and large. Also remember when making this part of the candle, most of the tissue will be inside of the paper roll... so be generous with it's size.

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Lay the tissue down, one piece on top of the other. If you angle it like the sample here to your left, both colors of the tissue will show nicely in your finished project.

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Use a spoon to gently push the tissue into the Paper Roll. Don't push too hard or the tissue may rip. Once the tissue is in the Paper Roll... add your treats. This can be little toys, candy, or anything you would like to give the children for treats.

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Once your treats have been added... tie off the end. Here we've used green string... but that is only so you can see where we added the tie.

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With your fingers... work up the tissue to form a tip to make it look like a candle flame.

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Make as many candles as there are for your celebration... at least one candle per child. These can be set up to be part of your decorations.



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