Your Kwanzaa WorkBook

    Items you will need for this Project:

      Several Pieces of Construction Paper (light color so you can draw and write on them)
      2 Pieces of Colored Construction Paper (for the back and front of your book)
      Hole Punch
      Ribbon or Yarn (Red, Green & Black)

    Place the sheets of construction paper together (you need at least one sheet for each day of Kwanzaa [7] and one for the front and one for the back of your book. Use the hole punch to punch holes in your book. (Here we used 4 holes)
    String the ribbon (or yarn) through the holes to hold your book together. You can also use staples to reinforce the pages of your book. Tie the ribbon off in a nice knot or bow.

    You can use the clipart below to add to your book. Just cut them out [lil' ones will need help cutting them out]. Then glue them to your Kwanzaa WorkBook. You can draw your own pictures too.

    --------------------- cut & paste --------------------

    This clipart is for non-profit personal use only.

    Copyright © 1997 Loraine Wauer Ferus