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Carve your own postcards right here!

Halloween Downloads

Halloween Image Map

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| Party Food | Crafts | Trick or Treat | Party Games

Print your Halloween Prizes ... Certificates for Everyone!

Blank - You Make
Personalized Party Awards
Goblin | Scary Costume | Silly Costume | Most Original Costume | Prettiest Costume | Spooktacular Costume | Awesome Costume | Outstanding Costume | Sweetest Costume | Game Player | Good Sport | Hand Out Goodies | Munchkin | Apple Bobber | Spook Master | Witch Wart Maker | Pumpkin Carver | Loudest Boo | Halloween Safety | Blank


LOTS of Halloween Printalbes!


Spooky Sounds of Halloween!
Sure... you can buy tapes... but why not make your own spooky sounds?!


Halloween Bookmark Software
Make them for yourslef... or as gifts.


IDEA: Replace your lights with black lights.


Online Halloween
Candy Jigsaw Puzzles
Candy 1 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc | Candy 2 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc
Candy 3 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc | Candy 4 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc
Candy 5 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc | Candy 6 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc
Candy 7 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc | Candy 8 - 4pc | 10pc | 100pc


Tic Tac... um... is this your Toe?
Drag & Drop Game


Learn to Dance
Do the Frankenstein Bogey


IDEA: Hang glow sticks from helium balloons to add fun to your yard.
Make sure you tie down the balloons so they don't get away.


CountDown Game

Play the Build a Monster Game
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5


with full color photos!


Jessie Bear's October Page


Adopt a Ghost


Animated Jigsaw Puzzle
Download and/or Play Online
and/or Print PaperDoll


IDEA: Set pumpkins, gourds and indian corn around for decorations.


Halloween Party Decor
Spells & Potions
Create Spooky Labels


Animated Desktop Wallpaper
It will MOVE YOU!


IDEA: Hang fake bats and spiders from your trees.


Halloween Animated Glitter Clipart
Cool to use on your WebSite


Halloween Finger Puppets
Check out the Patterns


IDEA: Photo tip... take pictures of EVERYTHING... carving pumpkins,
getting dressed up for Halloween, trick or treaters, your decorations, YOU.


Paper Masks
Mask | Chimp | Leopard | Tiger | Panda Bear


Gift Box Templates
Gift Box | Gift Box w/Handle | Cookie Box | Greeting Card w/Flap


Make a
Halloween Door Sign
for your room door... or family house door!
from the Pumpkin Patch


Make a Halloween Photo Frame


IDEA: Set dry ice in bowls of water around your yard.


Spooky Doors
Match 2 Game


Creepy Crawler Coloring Book Software
Coloring, Activities & Drawing Lessons... MORE


Bat Wallpaper
tBatWallpaper.jpg - 6847 Bytes            tBatWallpaper2.jpg - 7858 Bytes

MORE Wallpapers


IDEA: Save your pumpkin seeds to roast later for a yummy treat.


Spooky Toilet Paper!
Check out the MPG Spooky Movie!


Make a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin


Animated Jigsaw Puzzles


IDEA: Sew glow sticks to your Halloween costumes.


Write a Tiny Title Halloween Storybook


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Halloween Dress Me Up PC Storybook


IDEA: Hang glow sticks from tree branches.


Learn to Draw your own Halloween Clipart!
Our FREE to use Halloween Clipart


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FREE PC Halloween
Story to Download

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FREE PC Pumpkin
Smash Game

Wizards & Dragons Paper Doll Program


Decorate Your Desktop for Holiday Time!
Halloween Desktop Critters
& Animated Desktop Lights
Check them Out!

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Ask Sarah's 8Ball
Just for Fun!


Haunted Jokes!


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Check out our
Print & Color Halloween PaperDolls!


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Check out our Free Halloween Fonts!

Adopt a Candy Corn Critter!

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