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This is NOT a project that little ones should do on their own... grab a parent and let them play along with you! Makes a fun family project!

Use your favorite Sound Editor... and a microphone!


Monster Walking
    Find a pair of shoes... clap them on your table top.

    Rattling Chains

      Shake a medium size chain near the microphone.

      Rattling Bones

        Put a bunch of elbow macaroni on a string. Shake the string near the microphone.

        Breaking Bones from the GraveYard

          Snap carrots in half... SNAP!

          Creaking Hinge

            Open and close a squeaky door. Do NOT use WD40 until your scary noises are done!

            BIG Howling Wind

              Blow in to your microphone.

              Ghost Knocking

                Knock on your door.

                Wolf Howling

                  Howl like a wolf... ooooo OOO ooo

                  Witches Scream

                    EeeeeeeEEEeeeee scream like a witch. Don't stand too close to the microphone... stand a couple feet away for a nice distance sound.


                      Slowly pour uncooked rice in a metal baking pan.

                      Crashing Thunder

                        Hit two pie pans together.

                        Thunder Storm

                          Roll a rock around in a shoe box.

                          Have a spooky good time!

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