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I Love You Banner
Nice way to have Thumbprints of your Child saved forever!

Materials Needed

Construction Paper
Ribbon or Yarn
Hole Punch
Ink or Water Paint
Paper Towels
Artwork to Use
Thumbprint Art


finished.gif - 15461 Bytes

step-one.gif - 3677 Bytes


Print and then cut out the Artwork for the main area of the banner. Once you've got it cut out, paste it to a piece of construction paper. You decide how big you want the banner to be... use a whole sheet of construction paper, or half a sheet.

step-two-add-lines.gif - 5489 Bytes


Add pretty pictures to this banner... either use our Artwork, or create your own. Some like to use yarn to make swirls on their banners. You can do this by dripping a line of glue onto your paper, then pressing the yarn into the glue. When you are done with this step... let the glue dry.

step-three-box.gif - 1834 Bytes


Print and cut out the box... fold the box at each of the lines... then take the small tab... fold it over, and paste it down to make a box.

step-four-addbox.gif - 5630 Bytes


Paste the box to the center area of the banner. Let this dry.

step-five-addbear.gif - 10686 Bytes


Cut out the bear... and glue it to the box on the banner. Let this dry.

step-six-holes.gif - 10904 Bytes


Use the hole punch to make holes in your banner for the ribbon (or yarn) that you will use to hang the banner. The holes on the bottom.. there should be one hole for each thumb print picture you want to add.

step-seven-thumbprints.gif - 5314 Bytes


Print the Thumb Print pictures... one for each child. Open the ink pad (or water color paint)... press your thumb into the ink... careful now... we don't want ink all over! If you get too much ink on your thumb... dab your thumb with the paper towel. Press your thumb onto the Thumb Print picture. Once you are done... wash your hands really good with soap and water. Write your name and date on the Thumb Print picture.

Once your are done with this... and everything is totally dry...
put it all together by adding the ribbon (or yarn).


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