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Brag Book
Materials Needed

Construction Paper
Photos (ALWAYS ask Mom & Dad FIRST)
Ribbon or Yarn
Hole Punch
Artwork to Use
Drawing Paper
finished.gif - 7402 Bytes

step-one.gif - 3381 Bytes


Decide how big you want your Brag Book to be... either use an whole sheet of construction paper... or cut the paper in half for a smaller book. Cut out the main title from our Artwork page and paste onto the cover page.

step-two.gif - 3231 Bytes


Make a page for each of the areas you want to add to your Brag Book. Use our Artwork, or create your own.

step-three.gif - 3987 Bytes


Use a hole punch to add holes to your pages. Line the pages up, then tie a ribbon or yarn in the holes to hold the Brag Book together. Don't tie a really tight knot until you are all done with the book... you may want to add more pages before you are finished!

press-flower.gif - 3361 Bytes


IDEAS: In the Spring you can find flowers... take a flower, set it between a couple pieces of waxed paper... then set it in a big heavy book. After awhile (usually takes a few weeks), the flower is pressed and will look very nice in your Brag Book. Make sure it is okay to pick the flowers BEFORE you pick them. In the Fall... leaves are pretty colors... you can do the same thing for the leaves as we did for the flowers.

ideas.gif - 4728 Bytes


MORE IDEAS: Add photos of you and your family ... ALWAYS ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST if it's okay to use a photo... some photos your parents may want to keep for themselves... or save for you when you get older. Draw your own pictures. Write poems, or create special letters to your grandparents. Share your report cards, or subjects you have in school.

finished.gif - 7402 Bytes


This is a great book to give to your grandparents every year to let them know what you've been doing.. how you've grown.. what you like and don't like... it's great to share this with them! It makes a wonderful gift for Grandparent's Day... or their birthdays! If you see my granddaughter Zyia... let her know... I would LOVE one of these books every year... yes, that would be special!


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