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Make your Dad...
and don't forget about Grandpa...
a hand made
Virtual Father's Day Tie!

Sounds like a cute idea... take me there!


Download a
FREE Father's Day Tie Screen Saver!

Desktop Screen Saver
Desktop with Photo Screen Saver
Boy and Girl Angels for Father's Day

Paint Me a River
FREE Screen Saver for Father's Day!

Here are a few ideas that you can do
for your dad for Father's Day:

THE PROMISE CARD | Rake Leaves | Milk the Cows | Hug Dad | Wash Car | Garden Help | Mow Grass | Pump Gas | a Blank Tag


Create a
Promise Booklet - Second Edition
for Father's Day Giftsl!


Jessie Bear's June Page


Father's Day GreetingCard Coloring Book


Write a Tiny Title Daddy Storybook


TitleIcon2.gif - 11359 Bytes
Scrapbook-Stationery Program

Make a Photo House
for your Family!

Free Pattern Included!

ColorBook pages for you to
color for your Dad!

Color Page One | Color Page Two | Color Page Three
Color Page Four | Color Page Five

Father's Day Cards ... When you are done coloring the picture(s), take a piece of construction paper, fold it in half. Then cut out the color book picture and glue it to the construction paper. On the inside of the card write a nice message for your dad and Grandpa!

Greatest Dad Award
...for you to print!

Help Daddy Feed the Baby!

Father's Day Print & Send Cards
Greeting Cards you can create for Dad... or Grandpa!
Greeting Cards to Download and Print later!

Father's Day Clipart

Father's Day Stationery for you to Print
To print this stationery, just click on FILE (usually located in the upper right hand corner of your browser's screen) the select PRINT.

Online ColorBook Father's DayPictures!

Father's Day Screen Saver!

BILLY BEAR'S FATHER'S DAY SCREEN SAVER Bright yellow flowers are set in the background as a message comes on the screen to wish your Dad a Happy Father's Day... with Love! Registration fee $5.00 Go to Download Area

More Screen Savers | Registration | HELP

Father's Day WallPaper

Click on the little picture to view and to read instructions to set this
picture as your computer's WallPaper.

Flower Icons

20+ Flowers & One Bee Icons
Download: flowers.zip [about 47K]
More WallPaper - Flowers & Nature

Online Mazes
Golf with Dad | Play Hoops with Dad

Billy Bear takes his Dad
Fishing for Father's Day Online Game

JavaScript browser required to Play!


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This page created as a dedication to
the loving memory of my Dad - Herbert Hoerig
and loving late husband - Robert W. Wauer


Father's Day Links


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