Easter Bunny Ornament

Supplies Needed:
    Plastic Candy Mold
    Throw Away Cup
    Popsicle Stick (or something to stir plaster with)
    Ribbon (or wire, paper clips, popsicle sticks)
    Newspaper (use for work area messes)

You can find candy molds for several holidays... not only for Easter.

Gather all of your supplies together. Lay out the newspaper ... just in case some of the plaster gets a bit messy, it will fall on the newspaper (which can be thrown away). Set the plastic candy mold down on the newspaper.

Put some plaster in the throw away cup... and add a little bit of water at a time. You want this mix to be thick, yet thin enough to be pourable. We use a popsicle stick to mix the plaster and water. It's a good idea, when you are using plaster... use items that can be thrown away... it is NOT a good idea to use items that have to be washed in your sink! Plaster can clog your pipes... so make sure what ever you use... it can be thrown away when you are done with the project.

Once the plaster is mixed thoroughly, pour the mixture into the candy mold. Don't worry about adding too much plaster, you want to make sure there is enough plaster mix in the candy mold to cover the entire shape of your Easter ornament.

Once you have added the plaster to each of the sections of the candy mold that you want to use... lift up the mold with your fingers and jiggle the mold a bit. This will help the plaster spread into all of the areas of the ornament. You may also see little bubbles pop out of the plaster... this is good... you are removing all of the air pockets!

If the plaster still isn't flat, or if there is an overflow of plaster on the candy mold... use your popsicle stick and with one of the flat edges... move the plaster across the mold to remove the excess. Jiggle the mold again just to make sure the plaster is all even.

Here we are using ribbon cut into about 2 1/2 inch pieces. Fold the ribbon in half... once folded, I like to put a dab of plaster on the ends of the ribbon... this makes it easier to add the ribbon, and helps to insure that the ribbon will be embedded in the plaster ornament when the plaster sets up.

There are many variations you can do with the ornaments... you can add the ribbon, as we did in the above directions... or you can add a paper clip, or wire instead. Or you can add a popsicle stick, as shown here. This can then be used in a planter, by pushing the stick into the dirt of the plant.

Let the plaster set up in the mold. As the plaster becomes hard... it gets warm to the touch. How long will this take? It all depends... on the humidity in the air, the temperature... don't be in a hurry to remove the plaster ornament from the mold. Once you have removed the plaster ornament... carefully break off any of the excess plaster from the edges. We let our ornaments set out over night on an old cookie sheet, this way we know it is dry.

The ornament is cute just the way it is out of the mold. It is also very pretty painted. We use acrylic water based paints to paint the ornaments. After the paint is dry... we put a coat of water based varnish over the entire ornament. You can hang the ornaments from your Easter tree... or from a suction cup attached to your window. They make wonderful, simple gifts for special friends! What is best of all??? ...they are made by YOU!!!


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus