Jelly Bean Belly
Easter Bunny

Supplies Needed:
    Empty Clean Jar
    Jelly Beans
    Cloth (about 12 by 12 inches)
    Cotton Balls
    Rubber Band
    Bunny Face & Ears (pattern below)

Clean out and dry a glass jar. Remove the lid, and lay it on the piece of cloth. You can draw a circle out... leaving enough edging to drap over the lid when it is put back onto the jar.

Add jelly beans to the jar. If you are planning to use these as table decorations for an Easter dinner, add a little bit of Easter grass first, then add the jelly beans... this adds a nice touch to the jar. Put the lid onto the jar, then place the cloth circle over the lid. Use a rubber band to hold the cloth in place. You can use a piece of ribbon if you'd like.

Put a good dab of glue onto a cotton ball and glue it to the jar. Let this set up for awhile. If you add too much glue, it causes the cotton ball to slide down the jar... so add enough, but not too much. I like using White Tacky glue... it doesn't run.

Once the tail is dry to touch... you want to add the bunny's face... You may print these patterns to use.

B&W Ears | Colored Ears -|- B&W Face | Colored Face

Colored Ears & Face for Smaller Jars (Baby Food Jars)

Print the Ears and Bunny Face. One set is in color... the other set is in black and white so you can color them yourself. Once you've printed them out, cut them out... glue the ears onto the face. Let this dry just a bit to make sure it is set up good. Once dry to the touch, glue the face onto the jar! To help you hold the face in place, put a rubber band around the face and jar.

These make nice center pieces for large group dinners. ...grandchildren like em too! You can even set one at each of their dinner plates.


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer