Easter Bunny Basket

Supplies Needed:
    Construction Paper
    Cotton Balls
    Bunny Face & Ears (pattern below)

Lay your construction paper down flat on a table. The picture to the right, shows you the layout of the lines you need to draw here. Try to get the same distance on point A... as you have on point B. (If A is 2"... then B should also be 2"). The Green lines show which lines should be cut. This will create flaps that will fold over. Cut a handle... you can make the length any size you want... I usually keep mine the long length of the construction paper... and about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. If I need a shorter handle later, I can cut it down to size.

Fold the one side of the paper up, and then fold over the flap. The next flap can be folded next... here shown as point X and point X on the picture. This is the area where you would add the glue to keep the paper together to form the box.

fold the handle over ... one on one side, the other on the other side. You can glue the handles onto your box. You can staple them, but if you do... remember to place a piece of tape over the sharp ends so the lil' ones don't get cut.

You want to glue a tail on your Easter Bunny... depending on the sized box I end up with... a smaller box, a cotton ball is perfect! For larger boxes, I cut out a circle with the white construction paper and glue a few cotton balls to the paper. Glue the tail onto the box.

B&W Ears | Colored Ears -|- B&W Face | Colored Face

Print the Ears and Bunny Face. One set is in color... the other set is in black and white so you can color them yourself. Once you've printed them out, cut them out... glue the ears onto the face. Let this dry just a bit to make sure it is set up good. Once dry to the touch, glue the face onto the box! Fill the Easter Bunny Box with Easter Goodies! ...and whalla... what a nice Easter Treat you've just created!

This would look cute as your Easter Dinner's center piece, or sitting on a coffee table to help decorate the room! You can even print out an extra set of Easter Bunny's ears and face and glue them to a piece of construction paper and use them as your place mats!

Or glue the Easter Bunny to a Lunch Bag... cute for the kids who carry their lunch to school... or you can fill it with goodies for the kids. Nice size to carry Easter color books and crayons. ...or all the supplies needed to make the Easter Basket... and check out our Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny's Belly Button Game! You can print is out, and add it to the Easter bag of goodies too!


Copyright 1999 Loraine Wauer-Ferus