How to make Paper

What you will need...
    Old Paper
    Dish Pan
    White Glue
    Screen Frame (Fry pan screen lid)
    Old Pieces of Sheet
Gather bits of paper you have around your house. Newspapers, used envelopes, used computer paper, scrap pieces of paper from other paper projects... are just a few ideas to look for. I use a Dish Pan for this next step... fill the dish pan up about half full with water... tear the paper up into small pieces, add 2 Tablespoons of the white glue and set in the water over night.

Fill the blender 1/4 the way full with the paper. You can use a large spoon with holes in it to pick the paper up out of the dish pan. Set the blender on MIX (about medium speed), and blend for a few minutes until the paper is a nice mushy mix.

Then take the mushed paper (pulp) out of the blender, and put into a strainer (metal strainers with small holes work best for this)... this helps to remove some of the excess water from the paper. Place a few towels out flat, then lay an old piece of sheet on the top. Next, place the paper on the sheet to remove more of the water.

I use a screen lid (this is a lid that fits on the top of a large frying pan... the mesh is about the same as you would find on the commercial paper screens.) and place this screen onto the pulp. Then sponge out some more of the excess water.

If you can not find a frying pan screen lid... you can make a screen by using an old picture frame and screen (the kind you use for your screen doors). Cut the screen to fit on your frame, then staple the screen to the back side (usually the flatness area of your frame).

Then let this air dry over night. If you are in a hurry for the paper, remove from the metal screen and place in the microwave for a couple of minutes on high. If the paper starts to curl, or warp... place it between a couple of heavy books until dry.

The size I like to work with is about a 4x5... just enough to make a small note to a special friend or family member. Sometimes I like the look of the torn edges... and sometimes I will cut the paper to the size and shape I want. This project is great for making bookmarks!

Another project you can do with the paper pulp... you will need the terra cotta cookie molds for this one. Other press cookie molds are okay, but the terra cotta helps to absorb the water making drying time faster (also, you can place these in your microwave too.)

Press the pulp into the mold. Allow to dry, then pop out of the mold. Great for window decorations... and Christmas ornaments! Once dried, you can punch a hole into the paper with a paper punch, and add a ribbon to use for hanging.


Copyright 1998 Loraine Wauer-Ferus