SnowGlobe Water Recipe
     Distilled Water (about 2 cups)
     1/4 tsp bleach
     2 oz bottle of liquid glycerin
     ... use a fine imidescent glitter for the snow

Take an empty jar and wash it out. Allow the jar to dry out completely so no water remains in the jar. Plug the hot glue gun in so it will have time to warm up.
Place your Plastic Ornament in the center of your jar's lid and place the jar on it to make sure that the plastic ornament will fit in the jar once the lid is closed.
Put some hot glue on the center of the inside of your lid, then place your plastic ornament onto the glue. If your plastic ornament sets too low in the jar lid... add some hot glue... wait for the glue to set up, then add more hot glue until the plastic ornament sets high enough. If too much glue is showing, cover the glue with your crushed egg shells or sand (you can use colored sand, or sand from your sandbox).
Make sure that what ever you add stays in the middle of the jar's lid... if you don't you may have problems keeping in the liquids. You want an air tight SnowGlobe when you are done.
Save the egg shells from your breakfast for this one... wash the egg out of the shell and allow the shell to dry completely. When it is dry, place the egg shells into a large zip-lock sandwich page. Close the bag nearly all of the way (Leave a small opening to allow the air to escape from the bag.). Take your rolling pin and roll it over the egg shells. The smaller the egg shell the better.

Allow the work to set up and glue to cool before doing this next step. Add the mineral oil (nice consistency for your snowflakes) or baby oil (a thicker consistency for your snowflakes) by pouring the liquid into the jar. Fill the jar about 3/4s of the way (Don't add too much! ...we don't want an over flow!) Next add the crushed egg shells. You can add as snow much as you like, but don't add too much, we don't want a snow storm! giggle! Add a touch of glitter to make the snow appear to sparkle.
Put the hot glue around the inside edge of your lid.
Carefully screw the lid onto your jar. Try to tighten the lid as tight as you can so that the jar will be sealed. (We don't want the liquid to flow out of the jar!)
If you don't like the looks of the lid showing, you can cut out a piece of cloth to put around the jar's lid. Lay the lid on the fabric to see what size you need to cut. Then cut out a square to fit around your jar's lid.
Take a rubber band and put it onto the fabric to hold the fabric in place. Then take a piece of ribbon and tie around the lid and fabric to add a nice finishing touch!