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TheProject Santa
Spread Love all over the World!

Supplies Needed:

santa.jpg - 3492 Bytes Print out your Santa Patterns. Then cut out both of the Santas.

add-string.gif - 1202 Bytes Dab a bit of glue onto the string, and place on the back of one of the Santa cut-outs.

glue-together.gif - 2855 Bytes After the glue has dried a bit... add a few more daps to the back of the Santa, then carefully place the other Santa cut-out on top of that. Don't add too must glue, if you do, the paper may curl up. Allow the Santas to sit on a flat surface until dry. If you'd like... you can add glitter to your santa.

finished.gif - 2590 Bytes There... now you have a Santa that you can use to hang on your Christmas tree... and even from your Windows! Make lots of them to give to your family and friends... to help spread LOVE all over the world!



You may print out as many Santas as you would like to use for your non-profit project. The Santa Project is not to be used or placed on another web-site or used by any other means.

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Loraine (aka Rainie as my friends and family call me) Wauer-Ferus