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Christmas Nativity

    Materials Needed:

      Nativity Set Mary - Joseph - Baby - Lamb
      Paper Clips (2 for each)
      Glue (or paste)


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Print out the pieces you want to use... fold the paper in half. Cut out one tab for each. (If the tab that is here, is too short... just cut it longer.)

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You will end up with 2 pieces to each one... a good picture, and one that is blank... and one tab. If you need a stronger character, the blank one can be cut of a heavier paper.

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Put a dab of paste on the end of the tabs. Attach the tab to the blank copy with a paper clip. The paper clip will hold the tab in place, and will add weight to help them stand better. Fold the tab around, and attach the other end in place.

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Add some paste to the blank copy... and attach it to the good colored character.

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Do this to all the pieces of the nativity that you want to make. I like to set my nativity surrounded by snow glitter.

Instead of using the paper tab to help your characters stand, you can use small blocks of wood. We use small baby blocks that we found in our local craft shop. Take the paper characters and glue them to the block.



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