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Family Tree Frames

    Materials Needed:

      Print Frames Red - Green
      Glue (or paste)
      Hole Punch


This is a fun way for the Kids to learn about their family! As you create each Family Frame for your tree... talk about each of the family members. When the tree is done and you are hanging your Family Frames, have the children repeat the stories of each family member.

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Print out the frames that you need for each family member. Enter the information you want, including name and birthdate. Color your Family Frame or paste on some clipart pictures. You can add the photo of the family member... if you do not want to cut up photos, it's always fun to scan the photos, then have the children cut the photos out.

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Once you are done decorating your Family Frames the way you want them... then fold the frame page in half. Add a touch of paste on the inside to hold the Family Frame together. You can either leave the frame like that, or cut out the oval shape. Use a hole punch to put the hole in the upper area of your Family Frame... then add a ribbon.

Hang your Family Frame Ornaments from your Christmas. You can also hang them in your windows for the entire world to see.



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