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tBabyJesus.gif - 12210 Bytes
Find the Shape Puzzles
Great for Lil' Ones!


Christmas Bookmark Software
Make them for yourslef... or as gifts.


Save Christmas
from the Midnight Mouse!


Drag & Drop
Santa Tic Tac Toe


FREE Animated Christmas Clipart


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Christmas Stationery


Adopt an Animated Christmas Ornament
for your WebPages


Christmas Online Coloring Book


tTreeCuteTopper.gif - 5655 Bytes
Christmas Tree & Cursor Fun!


Dinner NameTags - Napkin Rings - Mat 1 - Mat 2 - Mat 3 - Mat 4

Thumbprint Reindeer 1 - Reindeer 2


FREE Christmas Glitter & Fiber Optics Clipart


An Autographed Photo from Santa
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Christmas Scrapbook Page
Add your own Photos
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Personalized Paper Ornaments
Add your own Family Name - 1 to 9 Family Members - Snowman | Moose
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Create Personalized Postage Stamp Frame
for your Christmas Mail - ActiveX must be turned on


Bake Shop
Make Lots of Cookies
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Animated Christmas Mahjongg


Gift Box Templates
Gift Box | Gift Box w/Handle | Cookie Box | Greeting Card w/Flap


Christmas Photo Cards
Add them to your Christmas Cards


Holiday Signs


Paper Projects


Dress Up Santa Game


Make your own
Christmas Postcards
Tiger - Primate


Decorate Your Desktop for Holiday Time!
Christmas Desktop Critters
& Animated Desktop Lights
Check them Out!


Animated Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles
Nativity Online - Santa Online - Snowman Online - Santa Lights - Penguin Christmas - Let It Snow


Write a Tiny Title Christmas Storybook


SampleSanta.gif - 6751 Bytes
Santa Paper Doll PC Program



Learn to Draw your own Christmas Clipart!
Our FREE Christmas Clipart


You can Adopt a Gee-A-Pet for your Home Page!


Print a Personalized Christmas Gift List
Use this as a Gift List for your Family and Friends, or your Wish List.


Christmas Paper Dolls


Jessie Bear's December Page

Holiday Printables
tbookmarks.gif - 4373 Bytes
tboxdotgame1.gif - 2901 Bytes
tColorMe2.gif - 2395 Bytes
tColorMe3.gif - 2726 Bytes
tColorMe.gif - 2627 Bytes
tcrossword.gif - 3342 Bytes
tDoorKnobTag.gif - 4737 Bytes
tdot2dot.gif - 2508 Bytes
tFinishMe.gif - 2161 Bytes
tgreetingcard.gif - 3477 Bytes
tGridArt1.gif - 3989 Bytes
tMakeAFace.gif - 1692 Bytes
tmemorygame.gif - 4969 Bytes
tminicards.gif - 3992 Bytes
tnametag.gif - 3303 Bytes
tSign.gif - 3170 Bytes
tstationery1.gif - 2000 Bytes
tstationery2.gif - 3063 Bytes
tstationery3.gif - 2470 Bytes
tsudoku.gif - 2876 Bytes
twordscramble2.gif - 3111 Bytes
twordscramble.gif - 3133 Bytes
tttictactoe.gif - 3745 Bytes
twordsearch.gif - 5207 Bytes

For the Adults...
arrow.gif - 983 Bytes Start your own Home Business
Help Santa with his Letters

Candy Bar Wrapper - PC Program

Kitchen Projects Program
Personalzed Recipe Holders - Recipe Cards
Gifts in Jars & Baggies

Money Card PC Program
Use to create your own Greeting Cards!


  • Billy Bear's created lots of Stocking Stuffer activities for you to download... Storybooks, Screen Savers, Activities & JigSaw Puzzles... most are FREE!

  • Online Games & Christmas Sites

  • One of the cutest Christmas Music CDs that I've heard! Hear them online!
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    Christmas Movies
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  • A candle is lite in memory of my brother
    Herbert A. Hoerig killed by a drunk driver.
    You can light one too at

      Tie One on for Safety... this Christmas Season. Tie a Red Ribbon on a visible area of your car... as a reminder to Drive Safely... Drive Sober ...and don't forget to Buckle Up!
      ...MADD, Mother's Against Drunk Driving.

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