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Promise Cards - Second Edition

Materials Needed:
    Printed Pages (listed below)
    Printer (to print out the pages)
    Printer Paper
    Construction Paper (for cover)
    Scissors (to cut out the pages)
    Stapler (we use staples to hold the booklets together)
    Crayons (to finish your own decorations on the pages)

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Print out the pages that you would like to use for your Promise Booklet. There are small pages, and larger pages. When you use the larger pages... fold the bottom section up like shown... that way it will fit into the book perfectly.

put-it-together.gif - 2888 Bytes
Use the Cover Pattern to cut out 2 pieces. We use a heavy paper, like construction paper for our covers. When you've printed, and cut out the pages you want to use... put them all together... then staple them on the left hand side. We use 2 staples per booklet.


Promise Booklet
Cover Page (paste this on the cover of your Promise Book)
Blank | Birthday | Christmas | Father's Day | Mother's Day | Grandma | Grandpa | Grandparents | Valentines

Gift Card Page (if this Promise Book is for a gift, this is a nice page to add)
Plain Tag | Angel Tag | Bear with Heart Tag | Birthday Cake Tag | Crayon Tag | Flowers Tag | Christmas Tag


Promise Pages
Add these pages... and promise that you will do them when they are given back to you by the person you are making the Promise Book for. You can give more than one promise... and there is blank pages so you can fill in something that you think is a good idea.

Promise Page - Small Pages
Blank | Blank w/Dates | One Afternoon Together | Big Hug | Cookie | Easter Egg | Hour of Babysitting | Hug | I Love You | Kiss | Movie | Smile | I'm Sorry

Promise Page - Large Pages
Blank | Clean Bed Room | Dust | Help in Garden | Make Bed | Milk Cows | Mow Grass | Pump Gas | Rake Leaves | Trash | Vacuum | Walk Dog | Wash Car | Wash Dishes | Water Plants


Special Pages
Add these to your Promise Books ... Add your own words to make others feel special!

Special Page - Large Pages
Greatest Brother | Greatest Dad | Greatest Daughter | Greatest Friend | Greatest Grandma | Greatest Grandpa | Greatest Mom | Greatest Sister | Greatest Son | Birthday Wish


Print our artwork to add to your Promise Booklets.
Print them... cut them out... then paste them to the pages.


Chores Booklet
(a great way to help the kids remember their chores)
Okay... okay... some of you don't like to do chores... but did you ever stop to think about how hard moms and dads work to make sure you have a great life? A roof over your head, food in your belly? and lots lots more! Chores are a great way to help your family. We hope you find this is a fun way to help you keep track of what you do around the house to help out.

Chores Cover | Large - Blank | Large - Clean Room | Large - Dust | Large - Make Bed | Large - Mow Grass | Large - Rake Leaves | Large - Trash | Large - Vacuum | Large - Walk Dog | Large - Wash Dishes | Small - Blank

Some of these chores don't need to be done every day... circle the days you think they should be done. Some of these chores can be shared with other brothers and sisters... in each booklet, circle the days which child should do which chore.


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