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Instructions for Friendship Bracelets... Letters

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Friendship Bracelet Instructions Simple Patterns

Letters for Friendship Bracelets
or... Pony Bead - Seed Bead Projects

Asm.gif - 1249 Bytes Bsm.gif - 1255 Bytes Csm.gif - 1251 Bytes

Advanced Project... you should start with the basic knot for your first few bracelets... then go on to create the letters. Practice will make your bracelets a treasure that you and your friends will enjoy!

We use embroidery thread for our bracelets. There is one main group of several threads... for a beginner... try using thin cording, string... or yarn to create your bracelets... once you feel okay with making the knots and working with the threads... then try using the embroidery threads.

thread.gif - 13391 Bytes

Cut 4 strings 60 inches long. Use one entire skein of embroidery thread for the background... and one skein of embroidery thread of a different color for the letters. YES... the working threads will be very long... but it will be worth it to work with lengths as long as you can so you will not run out of working material. If you are very careful... you can try to keep your embroidery thread bundled and pull out what you need as you work (this is not easy to do... but with some practice... you will get better).


layoutBracelet.gif - 5493 Bytes


After cutting the strings... fold in half and add a knot at the folded end. Place the knot in the clip of the clipboard to hold it in place while you create the knots for the bracelet.

clipboard.gif - 4547 Bytes


Right Half Knot
HalfKnot01.gif - 2825 Bytes HalfKnot02.gif - 3152 Bytes KnotDone.gif - 1860 Bytes


Left Half Knot
HalfKnot01r.gif - 2840 Bytes HalfKnot02r.gif - 3141 Bytes KnotDoneR.gif - 1849 Bytes


Depending on what hand you use... use the right or left handed knots to create your bracelet. Only use ONE knot for this bracelet... do not use both the right and left knots... either use right OR left.


Close Up Letters - Patterns

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Heart - Space


HEARTsm.gif - 1587 Bytes



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