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A hangman type game... cept with Cookies!

Kid's Note: Ask your parents if it's okay before you download anything from the internet!

A Simple Game for Young Ones Learning how to Spell

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PC Windows Program

ScreenShot.gif - 12440 Bytes When the game begins... click on the letter you think is part of the word. You start with 10 cookies... each time you guess a wrong letter... the bear eats a cookie. See if you can guess the word before the cookies are all gone. Crunch! Crunch!

Parents... Teachers... add weekly words to the list to help as a spelling aid... this is a helpful program for those wanting to teach-learn spelling lists. Create your weekly spelling list... and use them in this game.

Right now... the word list is over 450 words. BEFORE you make any changes to the Cookie.dat file... rename it... then save it so you'll always have the original list of words. You can edit the word list by adding or taking away the words from the Cookie.dat file included with the download. (You can find this in the directory where you save the Cookie Crunch program.) Open the Cookie.dat file with a text editor (I use Notepad). Type in the words you want to add, one word per line. Save the file... Cookie.dat.

Game Instructions
Download the exe file... remember where you saved it. Run the setup.exe file to open the program... then run the game. To un-install the game... click on uninstall found in your Program Files list.

As with all games, mom &/or dad should test them first to see how the game is played so they can play along, or teach the lil' ones what the game does, and how it is played... then again... some kids could possibly show parents how to play... smile! I've seen a few lil' ones... they KNOW what they are doing as soon as they set in front of the computer screen.

License to Use: You may use this free program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. A review of our program, with a link back to our site for download is welcome. Downloading from another site, is not permitted.




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