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You need to have a WebPage to put your adopted critters on.

If you don't have a web page to put your Adopted
Characters on... visit our HTML Helper Page!

This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! ...if you are going to adopt a Critter
from our site, you MUST right click and save to your computer's hard drive.
This is called DOWNLOADING. If you are going to use your adopted
critter on your web page, then you must UPLOAD it to YOUR server. You can
not code your HTML to grab the graphics from my URL using my server
and my bandwidth. Please take the time to find out Why?


Desktop Critters
DesktopCritters.gif - 8258 Bytes

NEW PuterPals
FREE Desktop Critters!

These lil' critters set on your desktop... you can use your mouse to move them around. Sounds and some animations too used to create these cute one of a kind Desktop Critter Sets. A few you can use to set your MIDI toons to play while you are on your computer.

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You can add the banner located at the top of the page to your web page with a link to our site so others can come play too! Thank You!

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