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* Photo Wallpaper
Over 3000+ FREE Photo Wallpapers! and 250+ FREE Icons!

Screen Saver, Desktop Theme, Icon & Wallpaper Sites... please take the time to PLEASE READ THIS!

This Weeks Featured
WallPaper & Screen Saver!

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This is your screen resolution.
This means ... this is the size that your computer's monitor is set to see (aka "resolution"). When visiting the *Wallpaper... pick the size of the picture that is closest to the size of your screen.

GodBlessAmerica01.gif - 8817 Bytes
PC Users, hold down your right mouse button on the image, when the little screen pops up, select SET AS WALLPAPER. If the new wallpaper doesn't appear, right click on your computer's desktop, and select REFRESH. More HELP... Mac Users, hold the mouse button down and save the image, then select it as a desktop pattern from the Desktop Patterns control panel. More HELP...

What is wallpaper... and do you need it? Questions you've asked.

newest.gif - 1460 Bytes Our NEWEST Photo Wallpaper can be found here.

film.jpg - 14626 Bytes

title.gif - 10042 Bytes
Purchase your
Royalty Free Photographs
to use for your own projects.
Animated Desktop Wallpaper Kewl!
Find out MORE!

Digital Backdrops for your Photography Business
Fall Festival - more coming!

On Vacation.... Travels with Billy Bear... have fun through wallpaper, screen savers and games.

Our Vacation at Disney
Star Wars Weekend Wallpaper

tMickey2.jpg - 5564 Bytes
Animal, Wildlife, Pets, Fish-Bowl, Ocean, Reptile Wallpaper & Themes bears, big-cats, leopards, buffalo, cows, deer, dogs, dragons, elephant, ferret, fish-bowl, flamingo, seahorse, star fish, jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, fox, gators, giraffe, goats, gorilla, hedgehog, hippo, horse, kangaroo, koala, lion, llama, manatee, meerkats, monkey, owl, ostrich, panda, peacocks, penguins, pigs, polarbear, porcupine, primates, prairie dogs, rabbits, raccoons, red panda, reptiles, snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, turtles, rhino, seals, sealion, sheep, squirrel, tigers, white tigers, walrus, wolf, warthogs, zebra and more.
Scene Sets, Countryside, Birds, Butterflies, Flowers & Nature Wallpaper barns, Christian, clouds, country, history, lighthouse, rivers, lakes, sunrise, sunset, waterfalls, windmills, roses, orchids, pansy, daisy, plants, lily, lilac, iris, trees, water lily, cactus, birds, bird houses, humming birds, swans, ducks, eagle, butterfly, monarch, and more.
valentines.jpg - 5462 Bytes
Holiday Wallpaper & Themes... you'll find the magic of the holidays here. Most major American Holidays are celebrated here.You'll not only find wallpaper, but we've added a few other treats, like animated cursors, icons, and Light Bulbs. Some are offered in complete Desktop Theme Sets.
Let's Play Wallpaper & Themes... can you hear the music of yester-year? The Merry-Go-Round Carousel collection will amaze you. Soft & Cuddly Toys will light up your child's eyes. Our personal favorites are the Teddy Bears! ...although the Beanie and Bean collection from Ty & Disney take a close second!
Fantasy & Fun Wallpapers
Icons & Cursors
Misc Desktop Features... you'll find many Icons and Animated Cursors in this area! We've even created a few FREE to use, "right" and "left" DesktopCritters.gif - 8258 Bytes handed animated cursors. If you like Icons, visit our SSW Screen Saver area, most come with FREE Icons that you can use.

48x48 Animated Cartoon Icons!


COOL Desktop Critters & Lights :o)
COOL Desktop Picture Frames :o)
COOL Desktop Calendar Program :o)

Photos for your PostCards... You can pick from over 1350+ photos to use for your postcards on your internet web sites. We've already scaled them down to 300x225 in size, and have even created the thumbnails (the little pictures).
Photo Postcards
title4prints.gif - 28506 Bytes

5x7 Photos you can Print... set up your printer... grab yourself some photo stock paper and print some of our favorite prints that we've taken over the past couple of years.

t-Sample.gif - 11394 Bytes

sm-title.gif - 9509 Bytes
Over 200 FREE Jigsaw Photo Puzzles

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camera.gif - 1031 Bytes A bit about our photo work.




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