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What is "Wallpaper?"

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Our Photo

butterfly.jpg - 6902 Bytes What is wallpaper?
Right after you turn your computer on what is the first thing you see when you look at your computer screen? That is your computer desktop. It may be a solid color... have Bill Gate's Windows Cloud picture... this is called "wallpaper". Do you have a favorite animal? ... a favorite scene? If so, you may find it here in our collection of 2500+ wallpapers to pick from... including one of our favorites shown here... the Panda Bear!

How do we put wallpaper on our computer?
While viewing the wallpaper as you look through our site... it's easy to do [Kids Note: Always ask your parents first before make any changes like this to the computer!]... use your mouse... put your mouse on the picture you would like to use... click down on the right button. A little screen will pop up... it will say something like SET AS WALLPAPER (you can do this in Netscape and in Internet Explorer). Click on SET AS WALLPAPER. There... you did it... that's all there was to it... when you view your computer's desktop... you will see the new picture that you picked.

carousel.jpg - 8182 Bytes The picture is not showing up, why not?
Sometimes our computers are tired... what you may need to do... is click on your computer's screen with your "right" mouse button, then click on REFRESH. Now your picture should show up.

I have a MAC, it has no "right" mouse button, we only have one button. What should I do?
I don't use my MAC... but this is what I was told to do by one of Billy Bear's visitors. Mac Users, hold the mouse button down and save the image, then select it as a desktop pattern from the Desktop Patterns control panel.

tiger.jpg - 7010 Bytes You make different sized pictures, why?
Computer screens come in different sizes... some will set their resolutions to different sizes. The standard sizes are 640x480, 800x600 and 1240x768. (there are other sizes too... for really BIG screens! but we don't make them that big)

How do we know what size we need?
On our site, we use a nifty java script that reads your computer settings... this way we can tell you what size picture you need.

This is your screen resolution.

florida.jpg - 6569 Bytes Do I need wallpaper for my computer?
Well... that depends on who you ask... no one "needs" wallpaper for their computer to run... but many of us need it just to have something nice... something that we enjoy looking at.

How do I get rid of it?
Go to our HELP page for those instructions.

We don't want that bear on our picture.
That bear has to stay there, along with the copyright information.

Can we use your pictures for other things?
For your own personal use you can... but they can not be distributed by any means. This means... if you use them to make your own persoanl screen saver... that's okay... but... you can not give that screen saver away, not even for free. You can give... say... your Grandmother, or Aunt a copy of the screen saver... but you can not put it on your web page and give it away to everyone who visits. You can't put it on a CD and sell it... and our wallpaper does NOT like being included in other collections of any kind!

lighthouse.jpg - 6524 Bytes I have a school project about bears. Can I use your pictures for my report?
Yes, you may print a paper copy to use for your report. It is also required that you acknowledge in your report where the picture came from.

How much do you charge to use your pictures for wallpaper?
You may use our pictures on your personal computer for wallpaper free... we don't charge you anything.

If it is free, doesn't that mean we can use it for anything we want?
Our work is not public domain... it is copyrighted work. This means that you can use it... but you can't just do anything you want to with it, because it belongs to us. We are "sharing" our work with you to use on your computer's desktop.

dolphin.jpg - 4609 Bytes How do you make wallpaper?
We work very hard at it... sometimes having to do things like swim at beaches, or feed dolphins at SeaWorld. We get very close to dinosaurs... at cool parks... we visit and learn about endangered animals... at zoos... smile! That is the fun part of what we do... but there is a lot more to it. To learn more about what we do visit our personal information page. It tells you about the cameras, and some of the computer programs we use.

Okay... now that you know a bit about desktop wallpaper... go take a look at all the stuff we have for you to use on your personal computer!


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