Photo Hanukkah Wallpaper
for your computer's desktop

Holiday of Lights at play Holiday of Lights2

If you'd like one of these pictures for your desktop wallpaper... just click on the picture. You will be taken to the 640X480 larger size photo. When that photo loads, RIGHT click and select SET AS WALLPAPER.

Tiled Hanukkah Wallpaper
for your computer's desktop


Here is how you can do it...
Now, if you have a Netscape browser... click on the picture you see here, with your "right" mouse button. Do you see the options on the lil' screen that popped up when you did that? You can set this picture up as your Wallpaper right now, just click on SET AS WALLPAPER, there it's done. This picture is now on your Desktop's Screen, take a look. that is too cool! You will need to "tile" this wallpaper so it shows up on your entire screen... you can do that in your Window's Set Up. It is saved in your Windows directory as NETSCAPE.BMP.

Animated Hanukkah Cursors

Animated Star Cursor
star.ani []

Animated Candle Cursor
candle.ani []

For Win95, Click on START - next, click on SETTINGS - then, click on CONTROL PANEL. When the screen comes up find MOUSE and click on it. Next click on POINTERS. Click on BROWSE to find where you saved the Animated Cursor and click on it. When you are done, click on APPLY your new cursor should appear.

Hanukkah Icons

8 Hanukkah Icons! Download: Registration Fee: FREE

For Win95... To install the Hanukkah Icons - unzip the file (we use PKWare's unzip program). Next, look at your Computer's Desktop and decide which Icons you want to change. Click on the ICON with your "right" mouse button. Click on PROPERTIES, next click on SHORTCUT, then click on CHANGE ICON. When the screen comes up, click on BROWSE and select the icon you want to use, then click on OK.

To unzip the file ...we use PKWare's unzip program.

We use Microangelo for our a icons and animated cursors. Microangelo also includes an Engineer program that allows you to change your start menu icons, folder icons, cursor pointers and desktop icons all from one location.