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Over 3000+ FREE Photo Wallpapers! and 250+ FREE Icons!


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This means ... this is the size that your computer's monitor is set to see (aka "resolution"). When visiting the *Wallpaper... pick the size of the picture that is closest to the size of your screen.

PC Users, hold down your right mouse button on the image, when the little screen pops up, select SET AS WALLPAPER. If the new wallpaper doesn't appear, right click on your computer's desktop, and select REFRESH. More HELP... Mac Users, hold the mouse button down and save the image, then select it as a desktop pattern from the Desktop Patterns control panel. More HELP...

What is wallpaper... and do you need it? Questions you've asked.

newest.gif - 1460 Bytes Our NEWEST Photo Wallpaper can be found here.

Beanie Babies & Stuffed Animals

* Newer Beanies Wallpaper

Cursors, Icons & * WallPaper

*Winter WallPaper

*Valentine's Wallpaper

*St.Patrick's Wallpaper


Puffkin I
Icons & * WallPaper

Disney & Looney Toons

Character I
* WallPaper

Diddl the Mause
diddl.jpg - 6164 Bytes

* WallPaper
640x480 & 800x600

poke.jpg - 6964 Bytes

* WallPaper
640x480 & 800x600

Teddy Bears

Screen Savers
SSW TeddyBears

Teddy Bear I
* WallPaper


Screen Savers
SSW Carousel

Carousel I
Icons, Cursor & * WallPaper

Carousel II
Wallpaper 800x600

PostCard Size
You can use these on your postcard site

SSW, to complete your desktop theme, we've included icons
for most of these collections... many of them are FREE!


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