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Free Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Program for your Photos and Pictures

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Calendar Program

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Download Fee: $2.00
Registration Fee: FREE for Billy Bear's Visitors
PC Windows Program
Information on our Business Edition: $9.95

Add your own Photo... or Drawings!

This sets your picture in the center of your computer's desktop with a black border around it (as shown below) if you screen resolution is larger than 640x480.

As of Nov 2005... There are 3 programs included in this package. 640x480, 800x600, and a 1024x768 background... photo area. If your screen resolution is larger, you will see a black area around the photo.

You will be able to create a calendar using your own digital photo or computer drawing. You can print it, set it as your desktop wallpaper... and even save it to share with others. Look in the directory where you have the Calendar program... the picture will be named BillyBearsCalendar.bmp.

The Desktop Wallpaper you create using this program can be given away on the internet ... on your website! Make sure the pictures or photos you use are created by YOU to avoid copyright issues.

Here are some of the Calendar Wallpapers we made using this program.

t-Dolphins.jpg - 6498 Bytes    t-Jan.jpg - 6402 Bytes    t-Feb.jpg - 7172 Bytes
Click to see the larger Desktop Wallpaper Size


IDEAS: Create a years worth of Wallpaper Themes... I like my Macaws... I would take 12 photos of my Macaws and create calendars... Janurary thru December. Then you can share them with others... either by printing out the calendars... or creating Desktop Wallpaper that you can also share with others... even put them on your internet site and give them to those who visit your site.


Business Edition
Price: $9.95

This is the same program that you see here... except the information has been removed... and you have the option to remove the default Teddy Bear Angel photo. The only information that will be shown in the wallpaper, or printable calendar is the information you add (or that area can remain empty).

This package now includes the 640x480, 800x600
and the 1024x768 resolution programs.

You may give away... or sell the calendars you create.

Calendar Progrm - $9.95


License to Use: This program is free for Billy Bear's visitors. You may use this program on your personal computer. Our work is not public domain, and should not be distributed in any form, in any media. A review of our program, with a link back to our site is welcome.



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