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I'm sorry... she was made just for our site.

Sister Angel Bear Animated Cursor | Angel Bear Screen Saver | Mouse Trails
NEW Animated Desktop Icon!


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Animated Cursor for your Computer's Desktop
We made one special just for our visitors... our Angel-Bear's Baby Sister! You'll love her just as much when she becomes your computer's animated cursor.

She's smaller than the one you see on our site... that is because Windows won't let us make cursors any bigger than 32 pixels in size... she flops around in her clumsy flying style just like her big sister... she is just as cute, if not cuter!

Download: ... don't forget where you saved her on your computer's hard drive. Unzip the file, then click on START (usually located in the lower left hand corner of your computer's screen)... then select SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL, a new screen will open... find MOUSE, and click on that. A new screen will open... see the top tabs... click on POINTERS... find the cursor you want your Baby Sister Angel Bear to be used for... then click on it (double click) on that name... browse to where you saved the baby-angel.ani is located and select it. When you click on APPLY (located there on the bottom of that screen) ... your cursor will now become the Baby Sister Angel Bear... AAAaawwww how cute!

The Baby Sister Angel Bear may be used on your personal computer as your computers cursor only. She may not be distributed by anyone else by any other means.



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You can now download our Guardian Angel as a Screen Saver to tumble around on your Computer's Screen! Once on that page... scroll down to our Desktop Screen Savers and take the link to "Angels"



Click here for
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Trailer Clipart that you CAN use.


HELP PAGE (for cursors)



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Trailer Script copyright Brian Caputo
Angel Bear Trailer & Cursor Graphics copyright

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