Billy Bear's Playground
Animal Crossword Puzzle


1. My stripes are usually black and white.
3. I am a bear from China.
5. The ___ is a mammal that lives in the ocean.
7. I have the longest neck.
8. It looks like I wear a mask.
9. Some people think I am a bear, but I am not. I am a "marsupial" animal. That means I carry my baby in my pouch.
10. The Siberian ___ is the largest member of the cat family.
13. I say "meow"
14. The male ___ carries the babies, not the female.
16. I am also known as the American Bison.
17. I can be stubborn at times.
18. In Florida, you will see signs that read, "Do not feed the ___"


2. This is short for rhinocaroses.
3. A flightless marine bird.
4. The African ___ is the largest land mammal.
5. We lived millions of years ago.
6. I am a reptile.
11. I am a primate. Did you know that you are a primate too?
12. Short for hippopotamus.
13. People drink my milk.
15. This is Billy Bear's favorite animal.
17. I am man's best friend.

Words used in this puzzle
alligator bear buffalo cat cow dinosaurs dog dolphin donkey elephant giraffe gorilla hippo koala lizard panda penguin raccoon rhino seahorse tiger zebra

Answer to this puzzle.


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