Billy Bear's Playground
Animal Crossword Puzzle


1. My stripes are usually black and white.
3. I am a bear from China.
5. The ___ is a mammal that lives in the ocean.
7. I have the longest neck.
8. It looks like I wear a mask.
9. Some people think I am a bear, but I am not. I am a "marsupial" animal. That means I carry my baby in my pouch.
10. The Siberian ___ is the largest member of the cat family.
13. I say "meow"
14. The male ___ carries the babies, not the female.
16. I am also known as the American Bison.
17. I can be stubborn at times.
18. In Florida, you will see signs that read, "Do not feed the ___"


2. This is short for rhinocaroses.
3. A flightless marine bird.
4. The African ___ is the largest land mammal.
5. We lived millions of years ago.
6. I am a reptile.
11. I am a primate. Did you know that you are a primate too?
12. Short for hippopotamus.
13. People drink my milk.
15. This is Billy Bear's favorite animal.
17. I am man's best friend.

Answer to this puzzle.


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